About Us


My name is Thomas Villano and I am a Daily Money Manager. I have been providing daily money management services on a personal level to family and friends for over 15 years. During that time, I have helped them take control of their day to day finances, as well as advising them on ways to pay down their debt. I have also assisted people with establishing their monthly budgets, in order to assure all of their monthly bills are paid on time. 

Over the past 25 years, I have worked in the retail and banking industries. During that time, I have helped many people each day and have learned what it takes to satisfy them on many levels. During my time in the retail industry, I dealt with people on a more personal level and was always happy to see them show their appreciation for me when I helped them by providing the best customer service.

When I was working in the banking industry, I also had to provide excellent customer service which I did each and every day. The banking industry was quite different than the retail industry because it seemed like you were helping people in a different, yet more important way because in this industry you are helping people with their finances. I helped people with online banking, credit cards, home loans, automobile loans and tax loans. I would come up with a plan for each customer and give them advice on how to get back on track with their loans by offering suggestions and plans that the banks offered.  The banking industry made me feel like I was really helping people and that made it a very rewarding experience and that is what I hope to achieve with this business.